Monday, April 27, 2009

Davey's Blue Jays Minor Leaguer Spotlight: Part 1

Name: Yorman "Jose" Mayora

Team: Lansing Lugnuts (A)

Position: Hurler

Bats: Right

Throws: Right

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 175 lb.

Born: April 20, 1987 in Crespo, Venezuela

Hobbies: Beating up hippies, Drawing still life.

Note: I couldn't find a picture of Yorman Mayora, so I put up a pic of the Mayora of Lansing, Virg Bernero.


BJ is on the dl once again for tightness in his left trapezius and no return date. He is seeing a specialist in texas which i hope is a fuckign executioner cause this guy is fuckign horrible. I truly hope teh BIG HICK never fuckign returns with his lame ass 90 mph fastball and shitty slider coupled with his broken arm syndrome like release. Eat his salary and go with somebody else cause everytime he takes the mound I feel like anything less than 3 runs support is even going to cut it. Split the duties with scott downs and jesse carlson and call it a day RACKEM

Friday, April 24, 2009

CHI Sox announcers need to fucking punch themselves in their respective faces.

Being the fact that I had my 3,000 dollar television stolen over the Christmas season, I don't watch the Jays on the tube very often. I watch them pixelated shit-style on my computer. That is my love for the Jays, I endure that kind of shit.

I use the term endure specifically on nights like tonight, when I am treated to the Chi Sox announcers. I have never listened to a bigger load of shit than this in a very long time.

They are crying over the first inning runs the Jays scored continuously. I feel like it is a pair of six year olds announcing, plotting the demise of the bully that stole their lunch money. I guess it is actually a pair of grown men being paid to announce a professional game of baseball, but it sure as fuck doesn't sound that way to me.

Two highlights from the 4th inning:

"You know that AJ won't let a ball get by him with a runner on 3rd". Next inning a semi-wild pitch gets by him for a Rolen score.

"Tallet's pitch count is getting high because he can't get a 1-2-3 inning". Next inning Tallet goes 1-2-3.

Fucking awesome. Way to go. Nothing like one-dimensional homer commentating.

Side note: Holy fuck the windy city is living up to its name out there!

Second side note: HOly shit the JAys have scored 6 runs in the time it took me to find the pictures for this post!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Overbay vs Millar

I was pretty adamant in the opening of the season that the signing of Millar was a bonehead was of money, since the Blue Jays already have Overbay at that position. Overbay got off to a slow start, so Cito decided to put Millar out there for a series, and he played well. Then Overbay goes out and wins the Jays a couple ball games before the first day off this year. After an L, Millar decides it's his turn to win one for the home team.

The pressure of having Millar behind him seems to have paid dividends in Overbay's recent play, and it seems Millar can be called upon when needed to provide a spark, whether as a starter or off the bench.

All of the sudden, I fucking LOVE this move.

Speaking of moves, how long before BJ wears out his welcome as closer? He's blown a couple so far, just from the few games I've been able to watch. MAybe Frasor or League deserve a shot at some

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So after a day of rest, the Jays are back at it, this time tangling with the Texas Rangers. This bodes well for the Jays, as the Rangers are 0-3 on the road thus far this year, and the Blue Jays look to remain atop the American League by improving upon their 10-4 record.

Roy Halladay will be looking for his 4th win of the season (Jesus Christ there's still 10 days left in April!) while Texas with send Brandon McCarthy to the mound, who is 1-0 thus far.

Hopefully the middle of the order can generate some offense for ze boys!

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Day off? WTF?

Overbay has won two games for us! WE DON'T NEED NO STINKING DAYS OFF!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Theres a BlueJay thats been on my mind..........


Ricky Romero

This guy looks pretty good and a lefty to boot. 3 starts 2 vics 1.71 era average 7 inning starts. Essentialy he's a fuckign stud so far.FUCK ALL YANKEES FANS BTW

Friday, April 17, 2009


Drop him back to 6th in the order and put Rolen or Lind in the 3 spot. Rios needs a fuckign reality check!