Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Overbay vs Millar

I was pretty adamant in the opening of the season that the signing of Millar was a bonehead was of money, since the Blue Jays already have Overbay at that position. Overbay got off to a slow start, so Cito decided to put Millar out there for a series, and he played well. Then Overbay goes out and wins the Jays a couple ball games before the first day off this year. After an L, Millar decides it's his turn to win one for the home team.

The pressure of having Millar behind him seems to have paid dividends in Overbay's recent play, and it seems Millar can be called upon when needed to provide a spark, whether as a starter or off the bench.

All of the sudden, I fucking LOVE this move.

Speaking of moves, how long before BJ wears out his welcome as closer? He's blown a couple so far, just from the few games I've been able to watch. MAybe Frasor or League deserve a shot at some


  1. whatever happened to that greezy hugo chavez luving spic ( could really use a south american slanderous term )

  2. btw my favorite jay romero is on the 15 day dl